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Build your brand in real-time.

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Understand how to use social media branding to become that go to person in your chosen field.

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How to build your unique brand strategy on social media to create massive brand awareness.

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Learn which social media platforms will suit you or your business the best.

Learn how to use tools such as stories, lives and groups to skyrocket your followers experience and engagement with your brand.


Jor’El Mitchell is the authority when it comes to personal branding, the art of getting known, respected, remembered and paid for who you truly are. Having overcome many challenges in his life and having learnt many life lessons, he now uses his new and unique strain of branding: “Cyber-Celebrity® Branding,” to teach you how to create the lifestyle you have always desired. Jor’El’s mission is to help every individual to unlock and then inspire others with their infinite potential. He travels internationally, teaching entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals like yourself branding and business lessons, showing you how to inspire others while taking you, your lifestyle, your current brand or your business to that next level.